Our aim is to inspire innovation that supports job creation and business formation. Contact us at any step of your business development for helpful resources and guidance. 


We can help you with:

1. Your idea
2. Research and product validation
3. Viability
4. Business plan
5. Financing
6. Launch & execution
7. Sales
8. Growth
9. Continuous improvement

StartUp Revelstoke Mentorship Program

Startup Revelstoke can facilitate introductions to local experts willing to share their knowledge and experience.


What can a StartUp Revelstoke mentor do for you?
• Listen to your idea
• Provide advice or direction if you’re running in to an obstacle
• Provide support or ideas
• Share their own stories and inspire
• Offer coaching or guidance
• Point you in a direction you haven’t yet considered

We are looking for mentors!

What can you offer as a StartUp Revelstoke Mentor?
• Your personal story as an entrepreneur to inspire
• Lessons learned through your experiences
• Coaching or guidance in your particular field of expertise
• Additional networking opportunities for the StartUp idea generator
• Advice, direction, support

To find out about our mentor program, or to volunteer as a mentor, contact StartUp Coach Carolyn Gibson


Where does StartUp Revelstoke fit into the startup ecosystem?

co-working spaces & Idea Factory

Revelstoke idea factory

The Revelstoke Idea Factory is a technical prototyping facility that aims to stimulate entrepreneurs, youth, women and local businesses to develop and commercialize new marketable products through increased access to digital manufacturing technologies and tools. 

mountain colab

Mountain CoLabs are beautiful central spaces for entrepreneurs, freelancers, non-profits and remote employees to work, meet & network.

Third Street Offices

Open concept and private offices in Revelstoke on the top floor of the Mountain View historical building.

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